NAA is an Internationally recognized, Sri Lankan Government Registered Institution.

NAA Niranga Academy of Arts since year 2015 has psychological educational programs. Studying psychology equips students to use their knowledge of human behavior in their daily lives. Developing excellent research and analytical skills, the ability to be a better communicator and to master the art of conflict resolution are just some of the additional benefits of studying psychology.

Millions of people suffer from illnesses that can be prevented or improved through regular physical activity. ...(Read more)

Stop stress before they affect your whole life. Come to us, we can discuss and resolve your personal or psychological problems. Talk to us and release and relax your self. We respect the rights of our clients. Every counseling session will be handle only by a qualified and professional counselor. (Read more)

What is fitness of life? In order to become a complete person........... Those who give priority to education (knowledge) and are not active, can become scholarly patients. Educated, intelligent people, who do not consider inculcating spiritual values (regarding support), can become educated, intelligent and inhuman. Those who are spiritually advanced but have no knowledge of the world or society will become idiots brimming with humanity. What we should be is an educated, intelligent, healthy person brimming with good qualities and humanity (Read more)

NAA Niranga Academy of Arts has Oriental Dancing (Government syllabus) Freestyle  dancing Line dancing etc. 
DANCING is a fun way to get in shape. Dancing is For Everyone
Dance with Sri Lankan style for fitness is also available. And Line dancing and Weston dancing also performed for international music and folk songs Line Dancing is also international and It Is Fun and good physical and mental exercise. More of our dancing can perform with or without a Partner. (Visit page)